Are you a chef interested in providing an unique experience?
Introducing Foodken Chef beta
We believe that a big part of what makes a community is the sharing of ideas and cultures.
Talking to, learning from and dining with cooks from different cultures and backgrounds can shift the way you view and cook cuisines.
Foodken Chef hopes to promote curiousity and creativity in cooking by providing everyone an opportunity to experience what it is like to cook with professional chefs.
How it works
Search for professional chefs with a particular skill set you desire.
If you find one that fits your needs, review their details and requirements.
Then express your interest in reserving a session with the chef.
The chef will have a opportunity to return your interest.
If you get matched with the chef, your can start planning a session with him/her.
Ask them questions about ingredients, cooking requirements and pricing.
If you both are satisfied, finalize by reserving a session with the chef.
You will both be reminded 2 hours before the session begins.
When the chef arrives, the chef must check in through the app.
The host must then confirm that the chef has arrived through the app, before beginning.
When the session ends, both parties must check out and confirm through the app.
Then review your experience for the next person!